We were recently inspired by these words from Stewart Udall:

The word Udall chooses to use here, “accountant”, is a great one: it implies some sort of bean-counting, or quantitative data, as us scientists might say. Those of us in the field know that numbers to account for are everywhere. As a start-up business, we often focus on numbers related to fundraising, field deployments, and product development. We also love to see the data our sensors generate in the field, and the value those data provide to our customers and our communities. Earth Day is the perfect time to take a step back and remember all of what we are ultimately accountable for as residents of planet Earth.

These pictures may not be the glowing shoreline or lush rainforest scenes you’re used to seeing on Earth Day, but to us they are a beautiful reflection on the work we are doing for this planet. At StormSensor, we all work hard every day motivated by our desire to truly effect change in this world. We hope that our products will help us and others to become better “accountants” of water quality across our Country and beyond.

Happy Earth Day from the StormSensor Team!

About the author

Suzie Housely

Talk stormwater with Suzie has over a decade of experience in the Stormwater industry including both government and academic work. She leans on her experience to meaningfully interpret scientific studies and government policies to communicate a practical message. Suzie lives just outside Nashville, TN and gets outside whenever she can to explore nature with her husband and two small children.