All of these pollutants entering our waterways and wreaking havoc on our aquatic ecosystems, recreation, drinking water, and fisheries industry…it’s a bit daunting. To address it in a stepwise, systemic approach, everyone – and I mean everyone – has to be on board. In the meantime, both individuals and communities are embracing low-impact development (LID) and green infrastructure (GI) as a cost-effective way to almost completely treat stormwater runoff before it hits surface and groundwater. As a result of significant improvements in water quality, we see an abundance of benefits, ranging from reduced water treatment costs to safe swim zones and recharged groundwater. And the use of GI/LID reduces discharge of polluted stormwater runoff to waterways by millions of gallons annually. Millions.

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Erin Rothman

Talk stormwater with With more than 15 years of environmental consulting experience, Erin observed so many opportunities for innovation in the stormwater industry. With those in mind, she founded StormSensor to enthusiastically embrace new technology to help solve the problems of an age-old industry.