StormSensor has raised more cash to help expand its high-tech stormwater monitoring system.

The Seattle startup just reeled in $1.2 million from investors including Frontier Angels, E8 Angels, Next Wave Impact Fund, Keiretsu Forum Fund, 1320 Park Partners, and other individuals.

Founded in 2015, StormSensor sells wireless sensors and accompanying software to municipalities, government agencies, and industrial facilities that use the technology to track and prevent stormwater pollution or flooding. It’s meant to replace manual stormwater quality reporting with a fully digital solution that uses predictive algorithms. The company has piloted the system at Jersey City, the Port of Seattle, and Kitsap County.

A StormSensor sensor. (Photo via StormSensor)

StormSensor CEO Erin Rothman co-founded the startup after spending 12 years as an environmental consultant. Anya Stettler, who previously worked at Avalara, is the company’s other co-founder and CTO.

“Monitoring storm drains and outfalls helps identify and track [combined sewer outflow] and illicit discharges, as well as prioritize sustainability measures that provide more effective expenditures of public/private funds and create healthier urban and aquatic environments for the community,” Rothman said.

StormSensor’s competitors include Teledyne/ISCO, Campbell Scientific, YSI, and ADS.

StormSensor recently appeared on GeekWire’s Elevator Pitch show. The 7-person company is a graduate of 9MileLabs. Total funding in StormSensor is $1.4 million.