We are honored to be invited to participated in Aqualyst’s flagship cohort in Tacoma, Washington. As one of four companies selected from a pool of brilliant applicants located around the world, StormSensor now has an opportunity to work directly with leading experts in water, each of whom are determined to transform the world of water through supporting technology and entrepreneurship by generously donating their time and wisdom…to us. So thank you!

Unlike prior accelerators in which we have participated, Aqualyst’s sole focus is to get their companies into pilots with customers who are early adopters, who are excited by innovation, and who aren’t afraid to take on a little bit of risk for potentially significant rewards—both for themselves and their stakeholders.

So thank you Aqualyst for this opportunity! We are excited to be a part of the program, and we are thrilled to help make the Puget Sound region a center for innovation in water. It’s only logical.

About the author

Erin Rothman

Talk stormwater with With more than 15 years of environmental consulting experience, Erin observed so many opportunities for innovation in the stormwater industry. With those in mind, she founded StormSensor to enthusiastically embrace new technology to help solve the problems of an age-old industry.