On Saturday, February 4, StormSensor CEO Erin Rothman joined a group of about 60 of Seattle’s most brilliant minds at the Design Swarms Workshop for Digital Inclusion to identify and design a solution to address a problem that many of us don’t even know exists and yet has significant repercussions on individuals and communities the world over: getting access to digital technology for those less privileged. Yet these people have the most to gain from access to technology. To that end, Galvanize Seattle hosted a design swarm workshop, facilitating a hackathon-like innovation process in which agile teams of 8 to 10 people each develop a minimum viable experience. Our team won first place, as voted by representatives of the City of Seattle and several local homeless/immigrant support centers, for designing what we called, which aggregates unused data from mobile plans into an app and allows access to that data for those who need it. Simple, (almost) free, and widely accessible.

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Erin Rothman

Talk stormwater with With more than 15 years of environmental consulting experience, Erin observed so many opportunities for innovation in the stormwater industry. With those in mind, she founded StormSensor to enthusiastically embrace new technology to help solve the problems of an age-old industry.