TechStars +The Nature Conservancy Demo Day

We have been so honored to take part in the TechStars Sustainability Accelerator, in Denver, CO for the past three months.  This is the first round of TechStars specifically focused on sustainability and the environment. We were chosen as one of 10 sustainability minded start-up companies to partner with The Nature Conservancy  during  this session. The program ended with a Demo Day where all the companies spoke about their vision.

Check out the video here. You can forward to minute 14:00 to see our CEO, Erin Rothman speak- but we highly recommend watching it all

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Suzie Housely

Talk stormwater with Suzie has over a decade of experience in the Stormwater industry including both government and academic work. She leans on her experience to meaningfully interpret scientific studies and government policies to communicate a practical message. Suzie lives just outside Nashville, TN and gets outside whenever she can to explore nature with her husband and two small children.