If you’re anything like me (and you’re reading a stormwater blog, so I suspect you are)- you probably haven’t been able to keep your eyes off of Hurricane Florence as it barrels towards the East Coast. As of Wednesday morning, the storm has slowed to a Category 2 and expected to maintain that strength as it makes landfall tonight near the border of North and South Carolina. Storm surges in excess of 9ft. and rainfall totaling over 20in. is expected in some areas. This storm has the potential to be very damaging. We hope all who have been asked to evacuate have done so. Many of you reading this may be stormwater professionals, required to shelter in place and get to work during and immediately after the storm. We commend and thank you for your amazing efforts! Now let’s zoom out for a second and truly appreciate the power of nature with three amazing views of this storm:


VentuSky is a super cool live weather visualization tool. Visit their site to see this image come to life and watch the atmospheric currents flow.


NASA Astronaut Andrew Gerst captured this image of hurricane from the International Space Station. He was able to capture images from angles most people never get to see. When the photo was taken, the storm was a category 4 and the eye was 25 miles wide.


This Satellite image from NOAA shows the current tropical outlook. Here, we can see Hurricane Florence, along with Hurricane Helene, Tropical Storm Isaac, and two other tropical disturbances.

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Talk stormwater with Suzie has over a decade of experience in the Stormwater industry including both government and academic work. She leans on her experience to meaningfully interpret scientific studies and government policies to communicate a practical message. Suzie lives just outside Nashville, TN and gets outside whenever she can to explore nature with her husband and two small children.