32 21 MARCH 2022

NYC SYEP Internship Project: When it Comes to Climate, What’s “Normal”?

This project was completed in partnership with the NYC Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP). Linyi completed her internship in Summer 2021.  We hear about climate change all the time…but how do we know if the climate is actually changing? We can track…

Blog-Post-images-6 14 JANUARY 2022

Everything is Sinking: Sea Level is Rising Twice as Fast

The Earth’s seas are becoming fragile marine ecosystems as they absorb most of the excess heat from greenhouse gas emissions. Ocean temperatures are becoming warmer, forcing seawater to expand, artic ice sheets to melt, and sea levels to rise. It…

22 15 FEBRUARY 2022

Building Bridges: How the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) Stabilizes a Fragile System

Most people are aware that our aging infrastructure is reaching a critical point; without immediate intervention, systems across the U.S. will continue to fail at an alarming rate. They have been suffering from a lack of attention, maintenance, and investment…